Story of American organic farmers. 

( The body of work was produced in The EDDIE ADAMS WORKSHOP XXXI, New York, USA  &  awarded THE BILL EPPRIDGE MEMORIAL AWARD. )

” Finding the balance is very difficult ! You have to be at ease with yourself and knowing that you are farming not for profit but for good reasons.”   –   Scott Goodman.

Butchie’s Organic Farm is located in Cochecton, New York along the Delaware River.  The land was first farmed shortly after the first settlers arrived sometime in the 1750s.  Shortly after the Revolutionary War, Nathan Mitchell and his family established themselves on the land and began farming.  More recently the land was farmed by Alice and Neil Fitzgerald of River Brook Farm, who established an organic farm. The land is now farmed by Scott Goodman and Stacey Millman, that offers a variety of vegetables and meats.