( 2014 – 2017 )

Bangladesh is one of the most vulnerable nations to the impact of climate change. In Bangladesh 8 million people in 32 districts have been affected by floods, with 307,000 people staying in emergency shelters and 103,855 houses had been destroyed. Thousands of families like this are becoming climate refugees day by day. Those lands that are getting vanished, were made by their forefathers. But where will they move to? To save their families most of the fishermen and farmers are turning into cheap labors in the urban settlements with full of uncertainty. Constant negligence of the people sitting on top of the food chain has risked the lives and futures of more than 19 million children a linked to climate change in Bangladesh. From the perspective of a native from a climate change stricken land, this long term project, shows the impact of climate change in Bangladesh and tells a story of the marginalized people who are fighting for their existence, who are breathing on the brink.

Archive is available on request.